Monday, June 18, 2007

Design Website With Website Optimization

In the current scenario the website is the most important part of your business and website must be visit by the user is also a very important part of your business development, so the point is that how we attract visitor to come and stay at our site. Now the question is arise that how a visitor can reach at our website, there are several methods like your web address, email, friends, and search engines. So all the other factors can work but they are slow and target very few person and may be costly but search engine is a totally free, very fast and target lot of person at the same time. For the listening in the search engine we do the search engine optimization or web site optimization for the search engine and Content is key factor in the Web site optimization. Content is the main reason why visitors are looking for your site. Your content should fulfill a need for the visitor, whether this need is for information or a service and your website should have a very clear explanation.

For an instance, suppose my site is related with the wild animals and is no text other then the graphics of the wild animals then what will you get from my site or how search engine will find anything from my site, because search engine spiders are textually based, they can’t “see” these images. So I would not blame to anyone for leaving my site and looking for another one.

Now there are some tips that should keep in mind when you are going to make a website.

First of all your website should have very good Web content that Target your audience and they can understand easily theme and services of your website..and also they should find a proper solution from your website and become a returning visitor.

Second the images are the most import part of your website, a good image can attract the visitors and human can understand images better then text but search engine not so you put fine images with a proper description in the form of the “ALT Tags”

Third the Site Navigation is also a very important part of your site means a visitor that is at your site can reach at any part of your website without any use of the buttons on internet explorer.

Fourth thing is that your site should have text that is easy to read and understand by the visitors, for the search engine point of views pages of your site have right percentage of the keywords and phrases by this search engine give you a good place in there result page.

Fifth thinks that is meta tags for your site there are three tags that are very important for the search engine optimization's point.. title tag, description tag and keywords some are use key phrase and abstract tags in there title and description tags are easy to understand and keyword rich because they are come at the search engine result pages and seen by the user and visitor and other tags must be keyword rich but in a limit because the access of keywords can harmful for your website.

Sixth that is very important and useful every search engine explain there guideline that should keep in mind at the time of web site design and optimization

I hope that you have understand that a search engine and use friendly website can give you a very good business and that type of website can be made by us.

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