Monday, September 3, 2007


Over here we will give you some interesting fast facts of designing a website, let us clarify some common basic concepts of web design. You must be clear with all related terms of web designs.
Effective Designs: Design the website in a practical manner so that it has a proper functionality in addition to the artistic touch.
Graphics and content: Use the graphics sparingly or else it might distract the reader from content; plus it takes time to load.
Designs and layout: Poor design and layout may not be able to keep the visitor busy for a long time. Take care of following things while designing a web page:

  1. Text must not be too small
  2. Color combinations
  3. Complex and difficult navigation
  4. Non-stop animations
  5. Extra sized graphics taking time in loading

While designing a website keep in mind that the design is perfectly planned. A website needs to be clean, attractive and easy to navigate.