Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Essentials of a web design

While getting your website designed make sure your designer has included the following essentials of web designing in your website so that your website receives a good response.

Valid code – Every item made has a standard set for it. It will not be a wise thing to do if you don’t take care of the set standards and don’t design your website according to the standards. Your pages should be valid and quality assured.

Accessible Code – You should take care that every Web user should have access to the information and experiences available on your website. You should ensure that users' impairments do not prevent users from finding the Website, and that all users have access to the same content.

Semantically correct code - Semantics deals with the relationships between signs and symbols and the meanings they represent. The HTML elements you use should describe the content they contain. Your HTML markup should explain the document itself, not how it looks.

To meet the motives for which you built your website, it’s very important to take care of the essentials mentioned above while designing.

We at DimensionI have a team of expert and experienced web designers who take care of every little detail while designing the websites of our clients so that all their purposes are fulfilled.