Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to Do a Successful Online Marketing.

In the today's scenario success in online marketing is really a very big deal but we can find it if we have some good strategy for this. Because if you know which type of visitors you want to target by your efforts, and which are the best source to bring them on your website, and what type of information they want to you and your website then its really a very easy task to win then online marketing battle where lot of combats are doing efforts for the same goal.

Now you can ask a good question to us that what is the best strategy for the success in the online marketing, then i ask a question to you if you want to a company that would good in a particular work then where will you search. Defiantly on the search engine it may be google, yahoo or your country's search engine. So what will you search, suppose you want to search a company that is doing offshore work in the web development in india so your keywords will be “Offshore Web Development Company” then you will get lots of results related with this work and you choice only that company that's title and description create impact on your mind, and when you go to that web site then first of all you will see the look of that website if the look of that website make an impact on your mind then you will go to the success stories, mile stones or case study of that website, I think you go the answer of your question that what is the strategy of the success in the online marketing.

Let me explain in the details::

Meta Tags of the site:: First of all see some websites that are in your completion and make a good study of that site and see what they have done in his website for the ranking on the pages, means what they has done on the on-page optimization. And what you can do on your web pages. The most important is the effective title and description tags of the website that can define completely your web site's theme. Because only this part of the site come on the search engine result page when your site get a rank on the search engine. So you need to very careful about this.

Website Structure and Navigation:: Yes! This is also very important part of the success in the online marketing because due to the good optimization any one come at your website but your website could not compel them to stay on the site then your all the efforts are useless because your main motive is to visitor come on your site and give a query for the services but if the structure, look and navigation can not do this then..? so you need make your website very catchy and lockable.

From Where Visitors can come:: Yes its a very interesting question that you can ask to me, because there are several places where visitors are reach everyday they are Article site, Press Release website, New sites, Blogs, Forums, Social Books, etc you can submit details of your services on these site with a nice and easy to understand language and then you will see that how many visitors are visiting your site every day. Because here your article, press release will submit after a long analysis of your website and if some one see your website at here then defiantly he will come on your site and if your site is nice in the structure then you will get a lead or may be very long term client.
Keep in the touch then i will update you time to time about the search engine marketing and search engine optimization. For more details about the SEO friendly services on your website Visit us.


Dimensioni said...

can you explain me more why we use meta tags and what was the use of meta tags brief me more the post is very intresting and useful please post some more ...
i have a website please onces see on it and please tell me if you have any suggestion for my website and please saw his meta tags i am waittinf for your reply and i hope you will reply soon.

egb said...

Great Post. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing the information....

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